Kanbanchi: project management and collaboration within your Google Drive.

Kanbanchi: a kanban board for project management and collaboration within your Google Drive. – Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi is a free dashboard application for project collaboration, supporting kanban method paradigm.

We always need a place to organise our thoughts, ideas, and then manage their implementation, whether we work alone or with a team.

Kanbanchi offers:

  • Simple dashboard system to visualise your workflow

  • Highly customisable for your own needs

  • Add and remove team members easily to provide appropriate project stage access

  • Use familiar Google interface & features when working with boards

  • Features to support kanban method.

Kanbanchi is a dashboard app that is perfect for managing workflow. The great attraction of the kanban method is its simplicity and its ability to assist virtually any workflow system for any business:

  • Start from where you are now

  • Limit work-in-progress

  • Visualise your work

  • Learn more about the kanban method.

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