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Benefit from the InLoox Outlook Integration
Plan better, manage smarter, collaborate easier

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Quickly generate tasks from e-mails, assign them to a project or keep them as free tasks. Assign team members, set deadlines and have everybody involved in the loop so that they know who needs to do what until when.

Be up to date with automatic notifications on status changes in tasks, activities or projects. Get all necessary information in a flash and in real time to keep track of the current project status.

Attach important documents to tasks or activities making them available for project team members. Manage all your other documents independently from projects and have everything readily available at one place.

For bigger projects use the Gantt-chart view for a concise visualization, keep track of all your diverse tasks in the Kanban view, or allocate and manage resources with the resource planning feature. This gives you a structured overview of project progress, the status of tasks, and available capacities of team members for meetings and follow-ups.

‘Home office’, the dream scenario for a lot of workers. Flexible work times, no stuffy work attire, no commuting – what’s not to like? Various studies show that employees who work from home are actually more productive – but to be productive in the home office you will need solid time management skills.

With InLoox PM you plan and manage your projects directly in Microsoft Outlook – without switching programs or media discruptions. Use the Outlook features directly for your project management, combined with our web application or as your stand-alone solution.

Access your project data from any device with an internet connection – with the InLoox PM Web App. Use the online project software as your stand-alone solution or in combination with InLoox PM for Outlook and connect freelancers and scattered team members.

Are we making good progress? Can we meet the deadline? Where could we run into difficulties? InLoox PM increases planning certainty and keeps you up to date about project progress – in real time, wherever you are.

It’s great to see tasks and work packages intertwine. With InLoox PM, every team member knows what needs to get done until when and sees the overall progress of the team at a glance.

Each project generates piles of documents that need to be filed. InLoox PM helps you bring order into your documentation chaos. You can assign documents to projects and have all your important files ready when you need them.

Avoid loosing track in even the biggest and most complex projects. InLoox PM has got your back and alerts you to critical deadlines, possible  overspending or upcoming stages of completion. You can react quickly and will always feel in control.

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  1. El control de proyecto tiene como objetivo principal el mantener el proyecto alineado con sus objetivos, analizando el método del
    valor ganado o valor de trabajo realizado

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