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Project Management Software – FinancialForce PSA

Customer centric project management with Professional Services Automation. Gain visibility into all projects and collaboratively manage project tasks. is headed in the right direction with their Professional Services Automation Product. Project management is an excellent example of a business process that is inherently social and derives direct value when project communities collaborate…The social revolution has inspired us to think differently about how project teams operate. is building apps that put the customer at the center of project management – to help your teams work more collaboratively, more efficiently and, in the end, provide more value to your clients.

Great project managers excel at managing customer expectations and continuously communicating with them throughout the process. They also keep close oversight on client tasks that are critical to the project. FinancialForce PSA provides a range of options to help you communicate and include your customer as part of the project ranging from portal access, customer communities and automated status reporting. Keep your customers close.

FinancialForce PSA does not lock you into a project straightjacket and require any of your teams to conform to projects in the system. PSA projects can be configured to the field level on what shows, what is read/write and this can be set to the profile level to create unique project views based on departments or individuals. Add to this a robust workflow engine across the platform and FinancialForce PSA will allow you to configure projects to match your needs and requirements.

Our project and resource planners provide a powerful cross company view into all your projects and resources. With FinancialForce PSA, you can get the whole picture and know how and where to interchange or concentrate resources across multiple projects.

In addition to FinancialForce PSA’s robust resource management, project task management provides the detail needed for project managers and teams. Leverage a robust Gantt view of project tasks and their dependencies to better manage the details of your projects. Now your project managers can have the tools they need to run your entire services team on the same platform.
Its hard to get project teams to work together when information is stowed away in different systems ranging from an ERP modules to someone’s PC. Efficient collaboration begins by storing information on accounts, project plans, resource schedules and customer communications in a single place. Otherwise your team will resort to email and spreadsheets to keep a project together. With FinancialForce PSA you can work together online at every step of the project.


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