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Online Project Management Software – Comindware Project

Comindware Project is a fully professional Collaboration and Project Management software for efficient project planning, project tracking and task execution

Workflow Management Software Comindware Tracker

Comindware Project® is an innovative Project Management software that simplifies planning for project managers and facilitates execution for team members. It provides project teams with a real-time view on project priorities and task delivery dates, calculates the actual resource workload and availability as well as automatically tracks project completion progress. Coupled with Portfolio Management, it covers the full project management lifecycle in a single system.

Comindware Project Management software is pre-integrated with Business Process and Case Management and allows building flexible combinations of these types of software based on your specific business needs.

Comindware Project® is the state of the art project management software designed to bring incomparable collaboration and project execution capabilities into your project management environment. Unlike with traditional project management tools, Comindware Project extends a traditional project management approach by letting teams and project managers collaborate within and beyond their projects and instantly track their progress – all in a single project task management software. On top of that, Comindware dramatically simplifies project planning and resource management with its unique project management tools, including Automated Priority-based Planning, Work Breakdown Structure and Predictive Gantt chart. Available on-premise, as well as online project management software, Comindware Project provides unmatched team task management capabilities that turn project plans into successfully executable projects. All together, Comindware Project and Comindware Tracker®, company’s flagship workflow management software for project managers and teams, fulfill our mission to deliver a single solution for managing tasks, projects and processes.


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